Looking to the Future

After two years of happily leading this firm, I am stepping down to focus on other passions. Current clients will have my full support and attention on their visa applications. I am always here for you. You may recall that in April our firm relocated the base of business operations to the Netherlands. This has […]

Meghan Markle

A Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle’s possible visa violation and her U.K. immigration options

As we share in the celebrations for the forthcoming Royal Wedding, here at Talley & Barrow, LLP Immigration Advisors, we’ve cast a professional eye over Meghan Markle’s immigration options, and why we think she may have already violated the terms of her visa.   Meghan Markle’s Canadian residency: will it make a difference to her […]

Tier 2 versus H-1B

UK Tier 2 v USA H-1B

Comparisons between the UK’s Tier 2 visa and the USA’s H-1B visa.   With the UK being the top destination for foreign workers and the USA being a popular destination for IT outsourcing companies, it is no surprise that hundreds and thousands of applications are submitted for the UK’s Tier 2 visa and the USA’s […]

Work Visa Approved - Tier 2

Tier 2 Visas

Tier 2 Visas The Tier 2 visa category is applicable for employers who wish to sponsor a skilled migrant worker. The Tier 2 category is sub-divided into four subcategoriess, in which the relevant categories are the ‘Tier 2 (General)’, and ‘Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer)’. The Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) is further sub-divided into three categories: […]

President Donald J. Trump

USA, Trump and the Travel Ban

What is the Muslim Ban? The Muslim Ban constitutes an order which prohibits, the citizens of seven Muslim majority countries, from entering the United States for a period of 90 days.[1] The seven countries banned include, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya. It should be noted that the ban extends to the holders […]

Tier 1 Investor versus Entrepreneur

Tier 1 Visas: Investor versus Entrepreneur – The Differences

Tier 1 Visas: Investor versus Entrepreneur – The Differences The UK is a world-leading and desirable business destination and continuously attracts foreign investment and entrepreneurs seeking for business opportunities. The location of the UK within European markets, language and time zone have been cited as the key attractions for investors and entrepreneurs. Such individuals are […]

Brexit - What will happen to EU citizens in the UK

EU Nationals in the UK

EU Nationals in the UK In the wake of the Brexit referendum, in June 2016, in which the 51,9% of the electorate decided that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, the 2.37 million E.U nationals living and working in the U.K found themselves in a position of high uncertainty. This was the first […]