American Citizen Services

American Citizen Services

We provide a limited range of services for American Citizens. Including:

  • Repatriation Assistance
  • Green Card Application Assistance for your Non-US Citizen Spouse.
  • Repatriation Assistance
  • UK College Application Advice
  • American Chaperone in the UK Service

Repatriation Assistance

Are you moving back to the USA after living in the UK for several years? Are you returning to the UK with your British Spouse?  Do you need assistance on relocation, shipping cars furniture and person effects?  Do you need a assistance navigating ACA (Obamacare).  We provide a consultancy service to provide you with the information you need for a successful move back home? $120 first consultation.  $90/follow-up.

Green Card Application Assistance for your Non-US Citizen Spouse.

There are many steps in applying for a spousal or fiancé visa.  We can make an application on your behalf to the Embassy or USCIS.

US Stafford Loans and College Application Advice for the UK

Are you an American student who wants to attend a UK University? Through our consultation we guide you through the process of applying for college in the UK.  We show you how to use US Stafford Loans to pay for your tuition. $120 first consultation.  $90/follow-up

American Chaperone in the UK

Parents, are you sending your son or daughter to college or university in the UK?  Are you worried about your child settling in?

Although British universities do their best, no one understands the needs of a US student like another US Citizen.  Our chaperone is an American Citizen Living in London who was education both in the US and the UK.  Our chaperone knows all the ins and outs to get your child off to a great start.

Our chaperone meets your child at the airport and arranges for a car service to take him or her to their accommodation. If assistance is needed with finding accommodation our chaperone can assist with that  On arrival our chaperone provides a care package of American essentials. It’s a taste of back home to keep your child happy until he or she can settle into the UK

Our chaperone shows your child how to get around on public transportation and what stores are similar to the stores at home. Walmart in the USA = ASDA in the UK.  We get them set up with a British mobile phone / sim and we show them how to call home.  We show them how to work a British Washing Machine and Dryer. We are an emergency point of contact that they can rely on 24/7 even after the chaperone service has finished.  We can also provide a report home to the parents if requested.

This service is available in London and Brighton only.

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