Deportation Help

Immigration Help – Stopping Unfair Prisoner Deportation and Administrative Removals

Talley and Barrow work with family members, the imprisoned criminal and the Home Office to prevent a deportation from happening.  Call us now for assistance in preventing a deportation. +44 (0) 207 859 4274

Deportation is a statutory power of the Home Secretary. People who are not British citizens are liable to deportation from the UK if the Home Secretary deems his deportation to be conducive to the public good.

The UK Borders Act 2007 made provision for the automatic deportation of foreign criminals. The Home Secretary must make a deportation order in respect of a foreign criminal unless certain exceptions apply (eg where deportation would contravene the UK’s obligations under the Refugee and Human Rights Conventions).

Foreign citizens in UK prisons face the very real threat of being deported or facing ‘administrative removal’ after they’ve served their sentence.  Even if you had permanent residency before your prison term the Home Office may still look to deport you back to your home country –  even the smallest of crimes – and even if you have a family life in the UK.  Both EEA and Non-EEA nationals can face deportation

The Home Office will tell you if you are to be deported at the end of your sentence. They will serve (send) an Immigration Detention Order to the prison. You will either stay in prison after the end of your sentence or be sent to an Immigration Detention Centre until you are deported (removed) from the UK. If you do not want to be deported you need to talk to a lawyer to find out what your options are.

What we can do:

  • Provide immigration assistance to your friend or relative in prison
  • Register with the prison for legal visits
  • Schedule a prison visit to see your friend or relative in prison
  • Obtaining a letter of authorisation from your friend or relative. This is required in order to enable us to speak with the Home Office and Prison officials about your friend or relative’s case.
  • Register with the Prison to receive phone calls from your friend or relative (This must be instigated by him).
  • Notify the Home Office and Prison of new legal representation for immigration
  • Correspond directly with Home Office and HMP officials.
  • Respond to any pending Home Office or Prison correspondence.
  • Review past Home Office notices
  • Speak by phone to the Home Office Case Worker
  • Work with you to obtain requested documentation
  • Ensuring that your friend or relative’s statutory rights are upheld by the Home Office
  • Putt forth the best case forward for preventing the deportation or administrative removal

Call us now for assistance +44 (0) 207 859 4274

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