LGBT Visa Services

LGBT Visa Services

There has been a long fought struggle for immigration equality for LGBT individuals.  Same-sex marriages were made legal in in the UK in March 2014. Spouses and civil partners are treated the same in immigration law. Since 2014 same sex couples have been able to choose between marriage and civil partnership. The UK also recognises overseas same sex marriages.

LGBT same sex partners who have registered a civil partnership or Marriage may be able to apply for a civil partner visa. Alternatively, unmarried couples who have lived together for at least two years may apply for an unmarried couples visa.

You may be able to bring your spouse / partner to the UK. Or if your partner is already here they may be able to switch their visa status. (For example from a student visa to a spousal visa).  To qualify for a spousal / Unmarried partner Visa:

  1. General suitability.  Are there any mitigating circumstances why your spouse / partner shouldn’t be admitted to the UK?  Does he/she have a criminal record or prior convictions? Are they someone of good character?  Has he / she overstayed a previous visa or been deported from any country
  2. Financial Suitability – To bring your Non-EU spouse / partner over to the UK there is a minimum financial requirement of the UK Citizen / Settled person to earn £18,600 per year. Do you meet this criteria or do you fall into the exceptions.  There are additional financial requirements when bringing children over.
  3. English Language Ability – Can your spouse / partner speak English? Have they taken the TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language?)  Were they raised in a country that majorly speaks English?
  4. Accommodation requirements  – Is your home suitable for your spouse / partner and his / her children?  Is there an overcrowding issue in your home?  Do you own your home or do you have permission from your landlord that your spouse / partner can live with you?
  5. Genuine Relationship – Is your relationship with your spouse / partner genuine?  Can you prove that you have a relationship of genuine love and affection?

At Talley & Barrow, we care and advocate for the LGBT community.  We are committed to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire. There are many steps in applying for a spousal or partner visa.  We can make an application on your behalf to the Home Office.  We can also appeal a previous failed application. Contact us for a consultation: +44 (0)2078594274 or [email protected]

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