UK Spousal and Fiance Visas

UK Spousal and Fiancé Visas

Are you married or engaged to a Non-EU National?  Would you like to bring your spouse / fiancé to the United Kingdom?  The UK has strict requirements for bring your spouse or fiancé over.  There are 5 requirements to be met:

  1. General suitability.  Are there any mitigating circumstances why your spouse / fiancé shouldn’t be admitted to the UK?  Does he/she have a criminal record or prior convictions? Are they someone of good character?  Has he / she overstayed a previous visa or been deported from any country
  2. Financial Suitability – To bring your Non-EU spouse / fiancé over to the UK there is a minimum financial requirement of the UK Citizen / Settled person to earn £18,600 per year. Do you meet this criteria or do you fall into the exceptions? There are additional financial requirements when bringing children over.
  3. English Language Ability – Can your spouse / fiancé speak English? Have they taken the TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language?)  Were they raised in a country that majorly speaks English?
  4. Accommodation requirements  – Is your home suitable for your spouse / fiancé and his / her children?  Is there an overcrowding issue in your home?  Do you own your home or do you have permission from your landlord that your spouse / fiancé can live with you?
  5. Genuine Relationship – Is your relationship with your spouse / fiancé genuine?  Can you prove that you have a relationship of genuine love and affection?

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There are many steps in apply for a spousal or fiancé visa.  We can make an application on your behalf to the Home Office.  We can appeal a previous failed application.  Contact us for a consultation: +44 (0)2078594274 or